Our Markets

In The Park At Wangaratta

Wangaratta Market SignAfter an extended break, for overseas wedding reasons, followed by the summer heat, it was good to be back at the farmers market in Apex Park, Wangaratta. We slotted back so easily between the King Valley Walnuts, cheeses, artisan breads and other gourmet foods.

The weather had cooled overnight and caught many visitors a little light on clothing. Great weather for chocolate, though. And, it was good weather for taste testing our new Chilli Discs product, which came up trumps (watch this space).

We enjoyed catching up with so many familiar faces, as well as meeting some new ones, both local and from Sydney, Melbourne and everywhere in between.

With wild weather on its way from Benalla, we had to pack up in a bit of a hurry. If, as a result, you missed out on you chocolate, you can always order from our online shop.

Good chocolate weather at the market stall.

Everyone’s a bit chilly – chocolate for comfort?

The Wangaratta Farmers Market has an outdoor cafe area where market patrons congregate to have a coffee, some breakfast and a chat. It’s a good way to spend a few hours on a Saturday morning, every second Saturday of the month.

And, don’t forget, the Autumn Harvest Festival takes place all over the North East in a few weeks time. See the details here. We would love to see you at Chocolaterie RenMar.