Why We Use Callebaut Couverture Chocolate

Our Essential Ingredient

IngredientCallebaut Chocolate supports cocoa farmers and sustainable cocoa cultivation through their Growing Great Chocolate program by:

  • Growing cocoa quality: supporting the cooperatives in the program and their member farmers in growing more and better quality cocoa beans and ensuring future crops.
  • Growing farmer income through direct partnerships with cooperatives of cocoa farmers, and by guaranteeing a fair price for the cocoa beans, thereby contributing to a better income for cocoa farmers.
  • Growing quality of life: Callebaut® engages in improving livelihoods for cocoa farmer families and their access to education, health care and clean water.

(Source: http://www.callebaut.com/usen/growing-great-chocolate/great-cocoa-for-tomorrow)

Dedicated expertise from bean to chocolate:

  • in local selection and sourcing cocoa beans,
  • in blending and roasting the beans, and
  • in refining and conching the chocolate.

Which gives the perfect end result: the finest Belgian chocolate with great taste!