Chocolate Making & Tasting Experiences

Couverture Chocolate

2 Hours of Chocolate Making Fun

Cost: $85 per person

This chocolate making class is a fantastic gift for all the chocoholics out there or perfect as a fun outing for a group.

As it is important to understand why various chocolates have different flavours, we will start with a brief history of how chocolate is made; explaining the difference between compound and couverture chocolate and the difference between milk, dark and white chocolate (tasting included).

In a live demonstration, I will show you and explain the techniques and skills used in the art of chocolate making such as tempering, the use of moulds, dipping and decorating to create mouth-watering chocolates. Then it will be your turn to immerse yourself in creating a variety of chocolate delights. Don’t worry; I will be there to assist you.

To top the experience off, you’ll each take home your handmade chocolates (in a box) to share with friends – or keep to yourself!

1 Hour Chocolate Tasting Experience

Cost: $40 per person

Although the cacao bean is the source of all chocolate, each type of chocolate bar has its own unique flavour profile. “Cocoa bean flavour is one of the most important quality attributes as flavour is central to acceptability of cocoa beans and cocoa products such as chocolate. The complex composition of cocoa bean flavour depends on bean genotype, postharvest treatments such as pulp pre-conditioning, fermentation and drying, industrial processes such as roasting as well as the type of soil and age of cocoa tree.” (1)
While you enjoy a real hot chocolate, tea or coffee, I will talk about couverture chocolate: where it comes from, the process of making chocolate and demonstrate the tempering process. Then the tasting begins…..

Tasting with your Senses:

  • Sight: When it comes to chocolate tasting, first impressions are important, so look at the chocolate’s appearance (shine, colour, is it smooth or grainy? is it visually inviting?)
  • Smell: Hold a piece of chocolate under your nose, breathe in and note the aroma/s.
  • Hearing: Hold a piece of chocolate to your ear and break it. It should break with a resounding “SNAP”.
  • Tasting: Place a piece of chocolate on your tongue and let it melt slowly. This allows the cocoa butter to distribute evenly throughout your mouth. Concentrate on the flavours that unfold in your mouth. Resist the urge to chew!

We will start the tasting with white chocolate, followed by milk, dark, 70% dark and some single origin ones as well.

We hope you enjoy your sensorial tasting trip of the various chocolates!


Please contact us if you want to arrange an experience for a group (minimum of 4 for chocolate making experience and minimum of 6 for the chocolate tasting experience).

Please contact us for any enquiries:
René or Martin: 03 57752106

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