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A Day In The Life Of A Dipped Orange Slice

Navel Oranges
There I was, a perfectly good Australian Orange, minding my own business on the Mansfield greengrocer’s shelf, when along came Martin and swept me away. Before I knew it I was on my way to Chocolaterie RenMar on the banks of Lake Eildon.
I was given a few days to ripen completely and then … the dreaded … Mandolin Slicer. We were all given the 5mm treatment – perfect juicy slices of pure, juicy Australian Orange, arranged on non-stick drying trays.
Mandolin Slicer
Fresh Sliced Australian Oranges
Dehydrated Orange Slices
And then we were off to the Excaliber commercial dehydrator where we would spend the next 17 hours all cozy and warm together at 57 degrees. No wonder we were dried out to a crisp. At least we kept all our goodness, flavour and colour!
We were packed into air-tight jars and then stored away in a dark, dry cupboard in the Chocolaterie RenMar chocolate kitchen.
Orange Slices Stored In Airtight Jars
René Dunking Slices
Before we knew it René had us out of the jar and was dunking us in thick, warm, perfectly tempered, 54% dark couverture chocolate. Yum! We were now definitely upmarket orange slices!
After a short rest in the cool chocolate kitchen to set, a few of us were packed into a cellophane bag and heat-sealed to keep in our crispness and flavour. Once the food safety labelling and best before date was added we were ready for you to share with your friends and family.
Dipped Orange Slices

Our tanginess offsets the dark chocolate beautifully. Enjoy me while you can!

See them here:
Dipped Orange Slices

Finished Dipped Orange Slices